I've never posted about how I produce this site, but a quick inspection of the page source will reveal that I use straight org-mode and ox-html, along with a little custom Emacs Lisp. I was able to cobble together an RSS feed, but commenting has always been a major blank spot.

I spent some time the other night looking at other blogs I read to see what they do. Disqus seems popular, but I'm put off by how it so often seems grafted on; clearly a third-party service attached to the web site in question.

I checked Chris Wellons' site, and he uses sourcehut (specifically, their mail list feature). This looks workable, and I like sourcehut altogether, so my :html-postamble for my blog posts now contains an invitation, open to all via e-mail, to start a conversation there.

11/21/20 17:16

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